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When It Might Be Time for Ductless Repair

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Your mini-split ductless air system is like any other mechanical item. It is going to need to be repaired on the day that you most need it. That’s just Murphy’s Law in a textbook form.

So, when the temperature inside your home or business starts to match the outside temperature, this would probably be the first indicator that something might be amiss with your mini-split ductless air system.

Here are some other issues that would indicate the need for a ductless repair:

  • Unit is not responding at all. Sometimes, for whatever reason, your temperature setting just needs to be back into a position that tells your ductless air system that you are hot and it needs to start cooling. If your unit doesn’t respond to the new setting, it might be time for a ductless repair.
  • Unit making unusual or loud noises. There might be an issue with the blower motor or the unit’s compressor. This also would be a time when ductless repair is needed.
  • Unit producing foul or unusual odors. Any odor that you smell coming from your mini-split ductless air system that is out of the ordinary might be an indication of the need for a ductless repair.

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